Who is this?

My name is Carmen Kunz, I’m an artist and graphic designer from the Netherlands.
After my Education at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, I continued studying Graphic Communication at The University of Northampton in Northampton, UK. In the years following, I worked at several companies which contain Graphic design studios and other creative industries.

Throughout my work experience, I have acquired skills in not only Graphic design and illustration but also in communication, marketing, and organizing events. One of the skills I have specialized in is making infographics and translating concepts into a visual representation.

In my spare time I enjoy designing fashion and jewelry, photography, oil painting, and writing.

Born as a millennial, my vision of the world is that of one who carries the responsibility of the world around me. Environment and animal protection are therefore high on my list. Having experienced this world as it is now, after the coronavirus, made me embrace change and innovation even more. I feel like an animal who sheds multiple skins. The world doesn’t change in one day but you can take a step in the right direction every now and then. I can drop my skin and have a new one, which will be better than the last one. Life is a process and it’s not about the destination, which is for everyone the same I guess, (I’m talking about death!) It’s about the friends we meet along the way. And, oh boy, have we missed that! Which is the reason why I decided to start my own business. Something that also seemed to grow gradually without my heavy influence. A way to connect with other creative and wonderful people, and build our empires together. My website is like a talisman to that stream of thought, it screams to be seen, just like us millennials.