We have launched!

Yes! We are live!

The rocket has launched, the eagle has spread it wings..? Eh okay you get it.
A new wind has come and it’s time to take control into our own hands. Day by day that it. Every day we just going to make sure we are closer to our dreams. It’s not about the destination but about the business relationships we make along the way.
This past year has taken a toll on most of us due to the Covid-19 situation. A moment where the whole world suddenly seemed to stay still for a while. While some of us had family or friends fighting for their lives, others might have found themselves losing their job. Having to find something new to pass the time.
For me personally it has been a very productive year. I finally had the chance to complete several projects and start one ones. From the first month I wanted to create a portfolio website. However, after making several websites, struggling with it, and breaking my head about everything, I ended up feeling uninspired, empty, overwhelmed. Was I still a Graphic designer? Did I just lose myself?
Then people in my environment started asking for things to help them with. Slowly but surely I started designing again, making great designs for others. But for me? Aaargh!
Being blocked creatively must be one of the worst things for a designer. But then I just looked at the non-designers around me, the people that asked me to help them, instead of being blinded by the big players. They just started at the base, nothing too complicated, and from there they build up. As a designer I was too focussed on the meaning of things, to show off my skills. I just couldn’t see that designing something is a process. It doesn’t become a great design without having that process.
And the same goes for me, personally. My life has been a huge process, and last year truly made things feel different. A brand new perspective. Another world opened for me, and I can’t wait to explore it.